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Continuous Mixers: CM 3-8


Continuous mixer with processing performance of the form 3 ° - 8 t / h
The outreach center equipment rack to middle molding material outlet is the standard version of 3500 mm. Furthermore, the continuous mixer at the customer with radii of 3100mm and 4100mm are available.

Scope of Application

The continuous mixer CM 3-8 series are used for the continuous preparation of molding materials in the no-bake process on Furan, Phenol or Polyorethanbasis. The continuous mixer CM 3-8 are used for the production of cores or molds.

Special Features

  • Proven mixers for homogeneous preparation of molding materials with high wear resistance.
  • Maintenance-friendly design by opened lateral troughs with quick release buckles.
  • High level of safety through safety switches are at the trough shell closure.
  • Equipment of mixers with wear shells with long service life.
  • Mixing auger with adjustable mixing blades blanks and screwed mixing flights running records as wear protection.
  • Overflow records are a wear-resistant white cast iron with very high durability. The mixing blade inserts can be easily replaced.
  • Two articulated continuous mixers are equipped as standard with a mixer Sandzuführschnecke.
  • The hinges are rotated manually and are braked individually.
  • For quick sand change, the sand is fed to the mixer via an enclosed conveyor belt..
  • The pivoting of the continuous mixer is done manually by the operator at a height adjustable swivel bracket to which the control box is mounted.
  • The control box is equipped with switches for pivot brakes, 5-step recipe switches, technological stop, switch for fat and lean mixture and the switch for mixed sizes.
  • The dosing of the regrind / new sand is via electro-pneumatic control Sanddosierschieber, which are mounted on supply pipes or bunker runs.
  • The adjustment of the amount of sand is continuous and takes place at the control cabinet without manual adjustments.
  • Frequency-controlled dose over Spindeldosierpumpen Metering resin and hardener into the mixer.
  • Spindeldosierpumpen is a volumetric dosing, which operates with high dosing. This metering pumps require very little maintenance and are wear-resistant.
  • The dosing pumps can be supplied from the customer's own loops or are part of a Gebindelagerdosiereinrichtung.
  • Measurement of sand temperature in the sand supply and temperature-dependent hardener
  • Binder and hardener feed monitoring
  • Binder and hardener supply monitoring and control (optional)
  • PLC control the plant with recipe entries and recipe storing the cabinet and demand on the control box.
  • Programs for review by sand and binder components.