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The Proven Workhorse for Cold Box Core Production!

  • Best suited for 'High volume-High quality' core production with Horizontal, Vertical or Multiple parted tooling.
  • Wide choice of job rated Core production units in INTERNATIONAL / STANDARD / ECONOMY series models with Shot Capacities upto 150 kg.
  • Adaptable Machines to accommodate upto 6 part Toolings
  • Energy efficient units with Hydraulic / Pneumatic / Motorised operations.
  • High tooling clamping forces.
  • Up graded Curing systems with air as carrier medium ensuring optimum Amine consumption.
  • Option of multipoint gassing techniques.
  • Shorter Machine Cycle times controlled by user friendly PLC technology.
  • Odour free equipments with totally enclosed units with exhaust systems.
  • Candle-less operation to suite critical core requirements.
  • Flexible choice of Core retrieval systems.
  • Flexible and Easy Tool Changeover with Quick Changeover systems or Vaccum Clamping systems.